Nice to meet you.

IMG_8660Nice to meet you, awesome stranger!

A little bit about me:

Although I’m a respectful yet illiterate fool in many of the countries I visit, I studied Strategic Communication at the University of Minnesota Journalism School. I am trained in writing, marketing, media and keeping the peace.

After graduating from my university early, I decided to take a trip around the world and get a little unstructured education. My international travels in Minneapolis, traveling via London and Dubai to Thailand, where I worked in Bangkok as a Marketing Coordinator for Rakluke Media Group Co., Ltd..

Although I currently reside in St. Paul most of the time, my journey around the world will never be over and new adventures are always on my calendar.I love meeting new people, tasting new flavors, and seeing places that can’t be captured, even in Google Images.

If you need traveling advice or suggestions, send me a message! I’d love to connect.